DM-5.4.2-HF05 BIS

Hotfixes 0 to 5 are required to install this package This hotfix is mainly needed for those running Nuxeo DM under MS Windows. If you're running another OS but you didn't install HF06 yet, you need to install this package too. What is provided: - fix the installation of future hotfixes (HF06, HF07) - resolution of EL expression in package install procedure (no more ClassNotFoundException) - remove button for those who downloaded previous versions of hotfix 6, 7 and 8 After restart, remove old hotfixes and download the new ones (for HF06 and next) Changes will take effects after restart.

For Nuxeo Platformsdm-5.4.2
  • Install 1.0.0
  • How to install DM-5.4.2-PATCH-HF05 1.0.0

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