Amazon S3 Online Storage

The Amazon S3 Online Storage addon is a Nuxeo Binary Manager for S3 object store. It stores files (binaries) in an Amazon S3 bucket, with server- and client-side encryption support. This functionality requires a separately licensed account and subscription with AWS.

For Nuxeo Platformsdm-5.4.1


Use of Amazon S3 as a storage backend is transparent. It is also possible to mix S3 storage with other backends. Some configuration can be done so that files are downloaded directly from S3, without transiting through Nuxeo.


The Amazon S3 Online storage only requires to install the corresponding Nuxeo Package. You may also have to install on the server a certificate if you want encryption support.


In order to configure the package, you will need to provide values for the configuration variables that define your S3 credentials, bucket and encryption choices as well as some advanced options if you want.

  • Install 1.0.0
  • How to install amazon-s3-online-storage 1.0.0

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