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Genus UI for nuxeo

By Genus Technologies

The Genus UI for Nuxeo is an intuitive user interface alternative for all Nuxeo solutions.

About Genus UI for Nuxeo

The Genus UI for Nuxeo is a game-changer for Nuxeo customers seeking flexibility and control over their user interface (UI). The new UI makes tasks like locating, viewing, and creating content quicker and more intuitive. As a result, training needs go down and user satisfaction and adoption increase.

The Genus UI utilizes the configurations made in Nuxeo Studio when displaying items such as search and document layouts, tasks, custom action buttons, and collections. This makes the transition from the Nuxeo Web UI to the Genus UI simple. It still allows you to seamlessly take advantage of Nuxeo Web UI upgrades and provides administrators with a familiar method for UI updates and changes.

Top 6 Benefits of Implementing Genus UI for Nuxeo:

  • More Screen Space: Say goodbye to the “drawer” – Our new menu design offers a less intrusive experience, giving you more room to focus on your content.

  • Faster Efficiency: Our modern interface streamlines navigation, saving you time and enhancing your user experience.

  • User-Friendly: Genus UI requires little training, making roll-outs quick and cost-effective, leading to higher user adoption and ROI.

  • Flexible UI: Customize the interface to match your users' unique needs, ensuring a user-centric solution.

  • Quick Content Access: Find information faster with our 3-click approach – create or access content in just three easy clicks!

  • Customized Experience: Easily design dashboards, menus, and actions to fit your workflows and user preferences.


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Compatible Target Platforms
LTS 2023 LTS 2021 LTS 2019 LTS 2017
1.2.0 Yes