Disable Studio Snapshot Validation

This package disables some server-side (Connect) validations before the download of the Studio package, which can reduce the update time drastically in some cases. As a drawback, it can lead to installing a 10.10 package on a 9.3 without warning (for instance). Please note that this package is available temporarily until the Nuxeo Online Services team optimizes the server side package validation.

For Nuxeo Platformsserver-11.2.17, server-11.2.17-*, server-11.*
  • Install 2.1.1-SNAPSHOT
  • How to install marketplace-disable-studio-snapshot-validation 2.1.1-SNAPSHOT

    This package is only available to Nuxeo Online Services customers.

    To download or install this package, please login to your Nuxeo Online Services account or contact us to learn more.

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