Nuxeo 10.10-HF30

Download and install the latest hotfix to keep your Nuxeo up-to-date. Changes will take effects after restart.

For Nuxeo Platforms Pattern(s): server-10.10

Hotfix installation

Please make sure you consult the page Hotfix Installation Notes for any additional actions needed to complete the installation.

Main correction(s) provided

  • Update of multivalued hierarchical vocabulary field includes the parent field
  • The directory suggestion widget display the proper label in the Import tab.
  • Permissions card working as expected
  • AWS credentials are refreshed when expired during an S3 upload.
  • The upload with LiveConnect for Google Drive is displaying correctly the progress bar.
  • Workflow instances related to deleted documents are also removed.
  • The task assignment comment is now returned
  • Parent directories are correctly deserialized.
  • The multipart copy in S3 is correctly handled for files up to 5GB
  • Ability to navigate to document when URL contains newline

New Feature(s)

  • An option is available to disable Stream Processing on a given node.


  • JSF Admin NOS page displays registration information in offline mode.
  • The navigation after a document update uses the document reference for the redirection.

JIRA release notes

Click here to see the complete release notes

Compatible Target Platforms

Nuxeo Platform LTS 2021 Nuxeo Platform 11.x Nuxeo Platform LTS 2019 Nuxeo Platform LTS 2017
  • Install 1.0.0
  • How to install nuxeo-10.10-HF30 1.0.0

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About this Package
  • Production StateProduction Ready
  • Latest UpdateJul 29, 2020 4:53:27 PM
  • VendorNuxeo
  • Type Hotfix
  • Package Dependencies nuxeo-10.10-HF29   (1.0.0 -> )
  • Optional Dependencies None
  • LicenseLGPL