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Nuxeo 10.10-HF38

By Nuxeo

Download and install the latest hotfix to keep your Nuxeo up-to-date. Changes will take effects after restart.

Hotfix installation

Please make sure you consult the page Hotfix Installation Notes for any additional actions needed to complete the installation.

Main correction(s) provided

  • CSV export is restored after reverting the change for the bulk dowload.
  • Data using a single directory widget in a list are correctly updated.
  • The filters are correctly initialized in the JSF Search tab.
  • Pictures are correctly inserted and saved in the Note editor.
  • Proxy PAC configuration is functional after the upgrade to HF35.


  • The Bulk scroller writes records downstream when the number of documents reaches a configured threshold.
  • The number of documents of a Bulk command can be limited by a property.

JIRA release notes

Click here to see the complete release notes

Compatible Target Platforms
LTS 2021 LTS 2019 LTS 2017
1.0.0 Yes