Nuxeo 5.5.0-HF18

Download and install the latest hotfix to keep your Nuxeo up-to-date MANUALLY REMOVE OBSOLETE VERSIONS of nuxeo-core-storage-sql-5.5* Main corrections provided: * Fix deadlock + infinite loop in request filter at high load * Avoid issues on concurrent writes with SQL Server * Fix nx_vacuum_read_acls on Oracle and SQL Server * Fix error when computing a virtual user and the group directory is not available * Fix generation of unique ids in layouts * Fix anonymous logout in some cases * Fix thumbnail generation when picture is uploaded through WebDAV Complete release notes is available at: Changes will take effects after restart.

For Nuxeo Platformscap-5.5, cap-5.5.0-HF00, cap-5.5.0-HF17
  • Install 1.0.0
  • How to install nuxeo-5.5.0-HF18 1.0.0

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