Nuxeo 6.0-HF22

Download and install the latest hotfix to keep your Nuxeo up-to-date. Changes will take effects after restart. Please make sure you consult the page Hotfix management for any additional manual action to complete the installation. No DDL statements is included in this hotfix. Main corrections provided: * Improve Elasticsearch fulltext analyzer to support unicode wildcard search and html * Add negative caching in DirectoryCache * OAuth requests are stored in a thread safe way * Versioning widget is now rendered only for document with versionable facet * Track temporary files created by AESBinaryManager * Escape document title on search tab pushState code Complete release note is available at:

For Nuxeo Platformscap-6.0
  • Install 1.0.0
  • How to install nuxeo-6.0-HF22 1.0.0

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