Nuxeo 7.10-HF18

Download and install the latest hotfix to keep your Nuxeo up-to-date. Changes will take effects after restart. Please make sure you consult the page Hotfix management for any additional manual action to complete the installation. No DDL statement is included in this hotfix Main corrections provided: * Fix XSS issue on upload form (when creating a document by drag and drop) * Fix XSS issues * Prevent elasticsearch from crashing with query injection * Add missing translation label 'label.widget.iptc_info.headline' * Dropdown list is not scrollable * User without access rights to the domain is not able to access the 'SEARCH' page * Fix inlinejs from select2 widgets in a toggleable layout * Add better error to diagnose random NPE in convert garbage collector * ListProperty.remove incorrectly always removes the last list element * fetchDocFromEs don't load complex properties Improvements: * fetchDocFromEs should handle complex properties * Preview via PDF.js should check origin * Allow disabling document field validation on JSF widgets * Better error logs in AbstractTransientStore * Add metrics on nuxeo queue importer Complete release note is available at:

For Nuxeo Platformscap-7.10
  • Install 1.0.1
  • How to install nuxeo-7.10-HF18 1.0.1

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