Nuxeo - BIRT Integration (Reporting)

by Nuxeo


The Nuxeo - BIRT Integration offers integrated reporting capabilities on top of Nuxeo content management applications, enabling the design, rendering, and access of reports and analytics, through Eclipse BIRT. The BIRT Engine has been integrated in the Nuxeo platform, so that reporting capabilities are available without leaving the Nuxeo application, and security controls can be managed in one place.

  • Production state: Production Ready
  • Certification status: Nuxeo certified
  • Vendor support: Yes
Target platforms cap-5.5 Categories
Version 2.0.0 Rating
Updated Jul 15, 2012 9:23:57 PM Vendor Nuxeo
License LGPL Package dependencies nuxeo-content-browser   (1.0.0 -> 1.0.0)
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The Nuxeo - BIRT Integration package is based on the Eclipse version of BIRT. It enables Nuxeo Administrators to import Report Models built with BIRT Report Designer into Nuxeo Document Management. Nuxeo DM Users can then create Reports based on the predefined models, and generate those Reports to run calculations and queries from the parameters defined in the report. The BIRT Engine enabling report generation is integrated into Nuxeo DM, so that users can stay within the same application for their reporting.


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