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Document Certification & Integrity with Blockchain Timestamping

By Coexya

The Document Certification & Integrity with Blockchain Timestamping addon by Coexya enables the manual or automated generation of digital proofs on blockchain. Any document can be timestamped and digitally signed on a public blockchain when entering, or when being modified, in a Nuxeo instance. Document leaving Nuxeo can be quickly authenticated by third parties who can assess the origin of the document, its integrity, and its date of last modification.


Our connector can provide added value in numerous business cases such as:

  • Important documents are generated or stored within Nuxeo before being sent to clients, and you wish to timestamp them before they leave your organization.

    • Digital timestamping of invoices, as required per law in France for 2024, or important HR documents
  • Prove to third parties that document issued from Nuxeo are originated from your organization

    • Proof of authenticity for commercial contracts, diplomas, business reports, legal documentations, etc.
  • Automated generation of proof of anteriority for Intellectual Property purposes

    • Music, Videos, Pictures, Illustration, Logos, and any other digital creation subject to IP Protection

    • Protect your IP during the preparation of a patent deposit

  • Process certification

    • You are ISO certified (or any equivalent) and use Nuxeo? Give the auditors tamper-proof digital audit trails of your processes.
  • Generate an extra level of probative value for Documents Archiving in Nuxeo

    • Easily prove the integrity of your documents to a tribunal

How it works (the principles)

Once installed and configured, when required (upon demand, triggered by events or scheduled). The add-on generates for every concerned document a SHA256 hash, as well as additional metadata. The add-on queues these data and send them by API to a digital signature server which will then sign and send each hash to the Tezos blockchain. Our native installation works with the Tediji SAAS solution, a service provided by Coexya.

If you prefer to operate your own digital signature server, we are compatible with the open source Tezos DigiSign software.


Please contact us for assistance on the installation of the connector.


Tediji is the most cost-effective market solution for document certification. You have to subscribe to a fixed amount for the first 4 000 certified documents per month, and then a fee per additional document. For very large volumes, the cost of certification can be as low as 0.001€ per document. For clients using the open source Tezos DigiSign server, we propose a monthly maintenance service contract for covering both components (prices depending on the project complexity and possible non-standard developments).

Compatible Target Platforms
LTS 2023 LTS 2021 LTS 2019 LTS 2017
1.1.2 Yes