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Docaposte FAST Parapheur Connector

By Oceane Consulting DM

The Oceane Consulting Docaposte FAST Parapheur addon provides a simple access to Digital Signature in your process using the Docaposte FAST Parapheur solution. Currently, it supports the Digital Signature with personal certificate or with Server certificate combined with SMS/OTP check. Using this addon allows you to embed digital signature through Docaposte FAST Parapheur in your workflow simply using the automation operations included in our connector. Be able to launch and manage Digital Signature process, send documents to sign and automatically fetch signed documents in Nuxeo.

Partner Certified Addon

This addon is provided by Oceane Consulting, and validated as a Nuxeo Partner Premier Certified Addon. Any bugs or improvements should be reported to the partner (please do not fill any Nuxeo Jira ticket related to this addon)


Once the addon is installed and configured, automation operations are available in order to call a Digital Signature action in your own workflows. A contract with to Docaposte FAST is necessary to use this addon.

In Nuxeo Studio, simply use our automation operations in order to send your document too Docapost FAST Parapheur and wait for your document signed.

Installation & Configuration

Oceane Consulting Docaposte FAST Parapheur requires the installation of the Oceane Consulting Docaposte FAST Parapheur Package. For testing purpose, an access to a sandbox environment can be configured. For production purpose, please contact Oceane Consulting DM (contact informations in the link Read Documentation). Network access must be available between Nuxeo instance and Docaposte FAST Parapheur APIs. Oceane Consulting also provides a sample package including sample workflow, automation chains and WebUI integration.

For more information about this addon, please contact Oceane Consulting DM

Démo Connecteur Fast Parapheur
(Démo Connecteur Fast Parapheur.avi, 11,754,808b)
Demo Package to test Docaposte FAST Parapheur Connector
(, 54,090b)
Installation and Configuration Guides (FR)
(Nuxeo Docaposte FAST Parapheur addon - Guide d'installation et de configuration - 1.1.0.pdf, 712,725b)
User Guide (FR)
(Nuxeo Docaposte FAST Parapheur addon - Guide d'utilisation - 1.1.0-beta.pdf, 2,448,802b)
Compatible Target Platforms
LTS 2023 LTS 2021 LTS 2019 LTS 2017
1.0.0 Yes