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Nuxeo Document Routing

By Nuxeo

This addon adds the "routing" functionality to Nuxeo. A "route" is a list of steps that an input document will go through. Example of steps can be: * A task for the document to be reviewed * A task to publish the document * A task to change the lifecycle state for the document These steps can be organized in serial, parallel or conditional containers. Streamlining these tasks enables creative users to focus on ideas and design by freeing them from resource-intensive content control tasks. Nuxeo DM, a state-of-the-art application built on a new generation of ECM, provides: * An intuitive experience, designed for creative users * Improved productivity, with the automation and streamlining of routine tasks * A trusted repository, designed for secure and easy scaling as projects expand * Adaptability, with Nuxeo Studio, a configuration and customization environment * Inter-operability, with a CMIS-enabled platform