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Nuxeo generative ai package


This plugin for the Nuxeo Platform allows you to generate a random image through an AI model (OpenAI DALL-E) simply by describing what the image should be about (ex: two small dogs playing in the forest crayon sketch). If the generated image doesn’t fit your needs, you can adjust your description and regenerate it until you find the right match. Once you’re satisfied with the result, you can create a Nuxeo document out of the generated image.

Partner Certified Addon

This addon is provided by, and validated as a Nuxeo Partner Premier Certified Addon. Any bugs or improvements should be reported to the partner (please do not fill any Nuxeo Jira ticket related to this addon). You are also responsible for confirming adherence to your company's policies regarding the use of OpenAI technology.


You can generate images by clicking the “Generate Image” button available in the DOCUMENT_ACTIONS toolbar. The button is visible only for Folder and Workspace document types by default, but you can adjust this as needed by setting:,Folder.

In order to generate the image you must set two parameters:

  • Description: a detailed description of what the generated image should be about (ex: kids silhouette in a park at sunset)
  • Image type: pick one or more of the predefined image types to give the generated image a specific look (Photorealistic, Comic, Drawing, Impressionist, Abstract, Newspaper, Painting)

The type of the document that is created is configurable and defaults to Picture. You can change it by setting:


Add to your nuxeo.conf the following configurations:

  •${API-KEY} => you must replace ${API-KEY} with your own OpenAI API key.
  •${ORGANIZATION} => ${ORGANIZATION} defaults to Nuxeo if you don’t specify it.
Compatible Target Platforms
LTS 2023 LTS 2021 LTS 2019 LTS 2017
1.0.0 Yes Yes