MongoDB Persistence Engine


** Integrated in the Nuxeo Platform default distribution since 5.9.5 ** This addon adds "MongoDB" as a storage option for the Nuxeo Platform. This is a beta release for Nuxeo Platform 5.9.4 (Fast Track). Nuxeo customers with large content store requirements are able to leverage MongoDB to get features such as replication, zero downtime and multi-master writes. It also works well alongside Elasticsearch, leveraging Elasticsearch for advanced queries and MongoDB for scalable content storage. You should download, install and start MongoDB separately.

For Nuxeo Platforms Pattern(s): cap-5.9.4, cap-5.9.4-HF*
  • Install 0.5.0
  • How to install nuxeo-mongodb 0.5.0

    Please ensure you've already downloaded and installed the Nuxeo Platform.

    For a Nuxeo Online Services registered instance with internet access:

    For an unregistered instance, or an offline instance:

    First Download, then

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