Nuxeo Sample

Sample Nuxeo Package to let you discover how it is developed. Put here an HTML description of your Nuxeo Package.

For Nuxeo Platformsserver-11.1-SNAPSHOT, server-11.1-SNAPSHOT-*


The Nuxeo Sample addon will register some sample contributions from the project. It aims to developers to understand and to dig into a simple and easy to understand Nuxeo Package. If you look at some sample documents, you should install nuxeo-showcase-content-package:


This addon requires no specific installation steps. It can be installed like any other package from the Marketplace, the Admin tab or the nuxeoctl script. Or you can manually copy the built artifacts into $NUXEO_HOME/templates/custom/bundles/ and activate the "custom" template.

  • Install 11.1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • How to install nuxeo-sample 11.1.0-SNAPSHOT

    This package is only available to Nuxeo Online Services customers.

    To download or install this package, please login to your Nuxeo Online Services account or contact us to learn more.

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