Nuxeo Spreadsheet

The Nuxeo Spreadsheet addon allows bulk editing documents metadata starting from a content view result set, providing a spreadsheet-like user experience.

For Nuxeo Platformsserver-11.1-SNAPSHOT, server-11.1-SNAPSHOT-*


Once correctly installed, the addon adds an action on content listing that opens a new tab with a spreadsheet listing the same content than in the original UI. User can then double click a cell and edit data and save, drag values on multiple cells, etc.


Nuxeo Spreadsheet addon requires installation of the corresponding Nuxeo package.


There is no additional configuration step required to start using the addon.

  • Install 11.1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • How to install nuxeo-spreadsheet 11.1.0-SNAPSHOT

    This package is only available to Nuxeo Online Services customers.

    To download or install this package, please login to your Nuxeo Online Services account or contact us to learn more.

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