Nuxeo Tree Snapshot

Nuxeo Tree Snapshot brings the possibility to snapshot and version a whole folder and its content in a single step and to recover the state of a folder for a given version.

For Nuxeo Platformsserver-10.10-HF19-SNAPSHOT, server-10.10-HF19-SNAPSHOT-*


Nuxeo Tree Snapshot adds a new document type, Versionable folder, which can be published and is then automatically versioned, for audit and traceability. It can also be used to enrich you own document types and folder types with tree versioning and restore capabilities.


Nuxeo Tree Snasphot requires the installation of the corresponding Nuxeo package. You can also add in your Studio project registries the operation that the addon adds for snapshoting a folder.


Although the addon by default adds a versionable folder, most of the time you will want to integrate the feature with your own data model: you can then add the "Snapshotable" facet to your custom document types, as well as the custom logic to fire the snapshot action when relevant to your business.

  • Install 1.2.4-SNAPSHOT
  • How to install nuxeo-tree-snapshot 1.2.4-SNAPSHOT

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