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Nuxeo Quality Systems Engineering

By Nuxeo

Nuxeo QSE helps your organization to automate Quality Management processes. It leverage on many Nuxeo's powerful features such as Workflows, Tasks, Content Views, etc to streamline Quality-related processes such as escalating incidents, assigning their resolution to multiple users, launching root cause analysis, managing corrective actions, etc. In addition, Nuxeo QSE offers a complete real-time monitoring tool adapted to each individual user and quality managers. This plug-in can be added to your existing Nuxeo Repository.

Note that this is an alpha version: data model will probably change, we are waiting for your feedback and experience in this area and will be glad to collaborate with you to make closer to real usecases. Also, this is a very good sample of what can be done using Studio, and only Studio in a few days (4 men days)