Nuxeo Resources Compatibility

The Resources Compatibility package provides backward compatibility with web resources (icons, JavaScript, ...) that have been removed from the previous LTS release of Nuxeo Platform.

  • Version 1.6.2
  • For Nuxeo Platforms server-10.3, server-10.3-*
Production Ready Nuxeo Certified Vendor Support

Compatible Target Platforms

Nuxeo Platform 10.3 Nuxeo Platform 10.2 Nuxeo Platform LTS 2017 Nuxeo Platform LTS 2016 Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015
  • Install 1.6.2

    How to install resources-compat 1.6.2

    This package is only available to Nuxeo Online Services customers.

    To download or install this package, please login to your Nuxeo Online Services account or contact us to learn more.

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Other Versions
1.6.1 1.5.3 1.4.3