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MongoDB Atlas Patch

By Nuxeo

The MongoDB Atlas adds support for mongodb+srv URI to connect to Atlas.


This addon will fix how Nuxeo builds a MongoDB client when using an Atlas URI


Install from the Update Center or from the command line by running

./nuxeoctl mp-install mongodb-atlas-fix-1.0.0 -accept=true


No additional configuration is needed.

Compatible Target Platforms
LTS 2021 LTS 2019 LTS 2017
1.0.1 Yes
1.0.0 Yes
All Versions
Deprecated Target platforms Name Target platforms Range Target platforms Pattern Updated
1.0.1 - - - server-10.10, server-10.10-* Aug 25, 2021, 1:30:06 PM
1.0.0 - - - server-10.10, server-10.10-* Apr 10, 2020, 2:18:07 PM