Nuxeo Enhanced Viewer

The Nuxeo Enhanced Viewer allows users to preview and annotate content stored in the Nuxeo repository and is based on a proprietary version of the ARender viewer from Arondor. The Nuxeo Enhanced Viewer Connector enables the use of this 3rd party viewer with the Nuxeo Platform. It currently supports all of the standard annotation features of the ARender viewer (e.g. sticky notes, highlights, text highlights, stamps, arrows, etc.) for any document on any device. This addon supports ARender integration with Web UI as well as integration for custom applications built on the Nuxeo Platform. This functionality requires a separately licensed subscription for the ARender viewer.

For Nuxeo Platforms Pattern(s): server-10.10, server-10.10-*


In Web UI, a new pill appears called "Annotations", that displays the previewer, with existing annotations. It is possible from there to add annotations and to participate in some of the discussion on existing annotations.


Besides this package to install, Nuxeo Enhanced Viewer requires the installation of the rendition server. We recommend the docker images, see the related documentation.


Following the documentation instructions, it is possible to tune ARender previewer displayed using a property file (by enabling/disabling some annotation types for instance).

  • Install 10.1.0
  • How to install nuxeo-arender 10.1.0

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