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Nuxeo Slack Integration

By Nuxeo

This package provides an integration between the Nuxeo Platform and Slack

This plugin contains an automation operation to post messages on Slack. To access the automation operation, you need to add the Nuxeo Slack Integration package in the Application Definition menu of your Nuxeo Studio project. The automation operation is visible in the Notification category.

The operation takes three parameters:

  • channel: the channel name where to post. Ignored if the nuxeoUsername parameter is used
  • nuxeoUsernames: a list of nuxeo usernames. For each user, the email address must be set in the user profile in Nuxeo and must be the same as the user's email in the target slack workspace
  • message: the message to post

More details in the Github repository.

Compatible Target Platforms
LTS 2021 11.x LTS 2019 LTS 2017
2021.1.0 Yes
2021.0.0 Yes
All Versions
Deprecated Target platforms Name Target platforms Range Target platforms Pattern Updated
2021.2.0-SNAPSHOT - - - lts-2021.* May 6, 2021 12:28:34 AM
2021.1.0 - - - lts-2021.* May 19, 2021 9:07:56 AM
2021.1.0-SNAPSHOT - - - lts-2021.* Apr 16, 2021 7:02:44 AM
2021.0.0 - - - lts-2021.* Mar 31, 2021 3:22:10 PM
2021.0.0-SNAPSHOT - - - lts-2021.* Mar 31, 2021 7:12:54 AM