Nuxeo Simflofy

The Nuxeo Federation Framework connector supports integration with 3rd party solutions for content federation, enabling users to search for and access content from multiple repositories. Today, the Nuxeo Federation Framework supports Simflofy. Simflofy is a leading content integration and federation product that provides numerous out-of-the-box connectors for various ECM repositories, including FileNet, Documentum, IBM Content Manager, SharePoint, and many others. Simflofy can also be used to support large-scale content migrations. This functionality requires a separately licensed subscription from Simflofy.

For Nuxeo Platformsserver-10.3-SNAPSHOT, server-10.3-SNAPSHOT-*

Compatible Target Platforms

Nuxeo Platform LTS 2019 Nuxeo Platform LTS 2017 Nuxeo Platform LTS 2016
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Deprecated? Target platforms Updated
1.1.0-SNAPSHOT server-11.1-SNAPSHOT, server-11.1-SNAPSHOT-* May 27, 2020 7:58:02 AM
1.0.2-SNAPSHOT server-10.10-HF23-SNAPSHOT, server-10.10-HF23-SNAPSHOT-* Apr 10, 2020 2:18:24 PM
1.0.1 server-10.10, server-10.10-* Apr 10, 2020 2:18:24 PM
1.0.1-SNAPSHOT server-10.10-SNAPSHOT, server-10.10-SNAPSHOT-* Apr 10, 2020 2:18:24 PM
1.0.0 server-10.3, server-10.3-* Apr 10, 2020 2:18:24 PM
1.0.0-SNAPSHOT server-10.3-SNAPSHOT, server-10.3-SNAPSHOT-* Apr 10, 2020 2:18:24 PM
  • Install 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
  • How to install nuxeo-simflofy 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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