Nuxeo Social Collaboration

by Nuxeo


The Nuxeo Social Collaboration brings social network features to the Nuxeo Platform, such as: Social workspaces, which provide a project-centric view of content, A circle-based relationship network, to create meaningful connections across geographic and organizational boundaries, Activity streams, to quickly see what your network works on, Micro-messaging, to quickly share information with your network.

  • Production state: Production Ready
  • Certification status: Nuxeo certified
  • Vendor support: Yes
6.1.0 Target platforms : cap-7.1, cap-7.1-HF*
Target platforms cap-7.1, cap-7.1-HF* Categories
Version 6.1.0 Rating
Updated Jan 15, 2015 12:53:06 PM Vendor Nuxeo
License LGPL 2.1 Package dependencies nuxeo-opensocial   ( -> )
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