Kerberos Authentication

The Kerberos Authentication addon allows your users to log in to the Nuxeo Platform by authenticating to a Kerberos server (e.g. Active Directory). This functionality requires a separately licensed Kerberos server.

For Nuxeo Platforms Pattern(s): server-10.10, server-10.10-*


Once correctly installed, users can browse the Nuxeo Platform server without having to go through the usual login page of the Nuxeo Platform. The browser uses the Kerberos session of the user to authenticate to Nuxeo.


The Kerberos Authentication addon requires installation of the corresponding Nuxeo package with nuxeoctl or the Update Center. Then some new parameters have to be passed to the JVM that launches Nuxeo server, usually modifying environment variables, especially for updating default values of and JAAS. Then the default authentication chain of the Nuxeo Platform has to be updated via an XML contribution in Nuxeo Studio or the configuration folder of the sever.


Some configuration is required client side on the browser. See the documentation about the Kerberos Authentication.

Compatible Target Platforms

Nuxeo Platform LTS 2021 Nuxeo Platform 11.x Nuxeo Platform LTS 2019 Nuxeo Platform LTS 2017
  • Install 1.7.3
  • How to install kerberos-authentication 1.7.3

    Please ensure you've already downloaded and installed the Nuxeo Platform.

    For a Nuxeo Online Services registered instance with internet access:

    For an unregistered instance, or an offline instance:

    First Download, then

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