Nuxeo Drive

by Nuxeo


Nuxeo Drive is a desktop synchronization tool for the Nuxeo Platform.

  • Production state: Production Ready
  • Certification status: Nuxeo certified
  • Vendor support: Yes
1.6.2 Target platforms : cap-8.3, cap-8.3-HF*
Target platforms cap-8.3, cap-8.3-HF* Categories
Version 1.6.2 Rating
Updated Jul 13, 2016 6:54:26 PM Vendor Nuxeo
License AL 2.0 Package dependencies None
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Nuxeo Drive is a Nuxeo addon that enables the synchronization of folders or workspaces from the Nuxeo Platform with local folder on your computer.

Here is the big picture of how Nuxeo Drive works: on the Nuxeo Platform web interface, you mark some workspaces or folders to synchronize. After you installed the Nuxeo Drive client on your computer and bound it to a Nuxeo server, documents are saved on your computer so you can access them and work on them offline. And the next time you have an Internet connection, changes in your local folder are uploaded to the Nuxeo Platform. Changes on the server are also automatically downloaded to your computer.
Nuxeo Drive also enables to edit synchronized documents locally from your computer.

To enable Nuxeo Drive, you need to install Nuxeo Drive client on your computer so your computer can communicate with the Nuxeo Platform.

The Nuxeo Drive package adds the following elements to your Nuxeo Platform application:

  • a Nuxeo Drive tab in the user Home, from which you can see what Nuxeo spaces are synchronized with Drive,
  • a Drive icon  on folderish document types, to synchronize or unsynchronize spaces.



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