Nuxeo Diff

The Nuxeo Diff addon enables users to compare two different documents or two versions of the same document to identify and highlight differences between the documents or versions, including metadata values.

For Nuxeo Platforms Pattern(s): server-9.10, server-9.10-*


One can select two documents within a folder, or two versions of the same document and click on "compare" user action to open the comparison screen that displays side by side common metadata properties, so as to compare the values. When the property is a file, another user action allows to make a "diff", highlighting addition , removal and modifications.


The Nuxeo Diff addon requires installation of the corresponding Nuxeo package. Additional Layouts must be deployed to handle your custom document types and schemas.


There is no additional configuration step required to start using the addon.

Compatible Target Platforms

Nuxeo Platform LTS 2021 Nuxeo Platform 11.x Nuxeo Platform LTS 2019 Nuxeo Platform LTS 2017
  • Install 1.8.3
  • How to install nuxeo-diff 1.8.3

    Please ensure you've already downloaded and installed the Nuxeo Platform.

    For a Nuxeo Online Services registered instance with internet access:

    For an unregistered instance, or an offline instance:

    First Download, then

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